h i a t u s
currently on indefinate hiatus, not sure if or when i will be back
simmingly-simful: where'd you get or do you remember the name of the blush you use for like the knees and elbows and fingers and stuff?

I can’t remember, sorry D:

pinkiepiesimmer25: how do I upload it

By making an account and uploading the file?

Upload it to media fire or Dropbox lol

pinkiepiesimmer25: doesn't that put them on exchange

Nope, it exports them to your exports folder

Anonymous: When your sim has babies. Do you have to edit them in CAS? I'm asking because when my sims have babies. They look like Bigfoot

The only thing I edit is their mouths and add makeup because they are hella low but everything else is generated in game.

pinkiepiesimmer25: how do I post my sims so u can download

I don’t want your sims lol you need to export them in CAS by clicking share but I don’t put other people’s sims in my game

Anonymous: Hey doll! Big fan :) I just wanted to say that I was on your blog and the shit you get from people is crazy. Thank you for staying in the simblur and simstagram. You are very strong and I think you are truly amazing! And all the people that give you hate on anon f*ck them because you are amazing. And btw love your blog :)

Thank you so much omg ;-;

Anonymous: Do you do collabs? If You don't why?

No, and because I don’t want other people’s sims in my game incase they break it, I send my Sims to other people but I don’t put other people’s sims in mine.

Anonymous: What freckles do you use on Tamzin?

Too many lmao

Anonymous: Do you use the YouAreReal skin modifier on Tamzin?

Yes nonny

Anonymous: I meant Oliver hahahahahahaha, stupid autocorrect

Nope, they’re in the household but I just won’t use them lol

Anonymous: So she doesn't have Olivia anymore?

Who’s Olivia lmao

Anonymous: Whats's Tam Kids Names In Order?

Well, I kinda started over like making her just have Lorenzo but here, no dates bc lazy:
Oliver Noè Velasquez
Osían Alvarez Velasquez
Kya Amaya Velasquez
Lorenzo Hunter Ayden Velasquez

bbys =3

Thomazina Belén Velásquez [HQ]