h i a t u s
currently on indefinate hiatus, not sure if or when i will be back
Anonymous: What programs would you highly recommend for people who want to make CC?

Idk because everyone has their program preference D:

Anonymous: How long did it take you to learn how to make objects and clothes and stuff?

Idk nonny, I kinda of learned myself with very little help.

Anonymous: Do you use milkshape?


Anonymous: Could you plx tell me where/how you learned to convert objects and stuff? I tried google but its really not helping

Google it nonny

Anonymous: Do you edit your pics?


Anonymous: Please post a good meshing tutorial in blender? I can't find any :(

Sorry I learned myself, Google is your friend nonny

Anonymous: Hi, sorry but can you help me? I've tried using Blender AND Autodesk 3DS Max. But of course, i'm newbie at those things so I don't know a lot of things. Well, i'm trying to make Horns and tails, but it's really hard to figure out what tool I should use. Can you give me any tip? Thank you for your patience!

Use Google, Google has more answers than I do

I converted it from sims 2, it’s not available anywhere so you can’t download it.

I want to cry because my playmat was black in-game ;-; I’m pissed now because I worked so hard on it D:

If anyone can help please do! D:

Lorenzo :3

Anonymous: Hey sorry for bothering but for making clothes, do you use TSRW and photoshop?

Yes nonny c:

Anonymous: Do you mean black as in like kinda invisible? For the playmat

Don’t worry, I should have it fixed now nonny, thank you :3

I made this >.< I hope it will work because my meshes keep appearing black ingame for some reason so if you know why please help, a friend said it’s because of the mask but I don’t know D:

Anonymous: Where did you get the outfit Lorenzo is wearing in your most recent post?

I made it so you can’t get it but the original is on TSR by minicart I think

Anonymous: If you're getting annoyed by all the repetitive questions from anons, why don't you take of ask anonymously option? It would make you're life easier wouldn't it? :)

Because I don’t want to, thanks tho